Hi babies! I am Kelly Q E Hudson, a 30-year-old full-grown woman. I am a writer/producer for original content on AdultSwim.com (The Trash Heap, folks!) and a performer at the UCB Theatre. I live in Brooklyn Heights. You are officially filled in. Now look at the things I post.
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Rejected Pitches is back. Die Hard? More like Die Easy cause these guys are good! 

Watch previous episodes of Rejected Pitches here.

A New Rejected Pitches! GREAT JOB GUEST Brandon Scott Jones! He’s so handsome and so fucking funny and fed up with us. Also I love my hair in this ‘sode. Great job Hana El-Assad, as always.

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    Rejected Pitches is back at it. This really has been a great Tuesday.
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    A new Rejected Pitches = a pretty darned good day in and of itself.
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    Got to play with Kelly’s hair again in this new episode of Rejected Pitches! Love working with all these guys!
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    Rejected Pitches of one of my favorite movies? Golden
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    Bingo! I love you!!!